Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Feliz Cinco de Mayo

Good morning, friends! I am blogging very early today. And to be honest I feel pretty sleepy so please excuse any typos, errors in grammar, etc. I woke up early today in the hopes of getting a post in prior to visiting with my mom and my grandmother. My grandmother is in town today and my mom asked me to take the day off from work in order to spend some time with them and help my mom take my grandmother shopping for new clothes. I am very much looking forward to our day and certainly will blog about it tomorrow. (Thank you to my boss who allowed me the day off to spend time with my family.)

In a previous post I quoted Lorelai Gilmore as saying, "Cluelessness is the mother of invention." That point proved most appropriate last well as the phrase's inspiration, which of course is "Necessity is the mother of invention."

Last night was a scheduled "Get Out The Vote" rally for Julian Castro. The rally was held at Vara Chevrolet and Eddie Gonzalez was the headliner. I arrived late but noticed my friends were not there yet. I called Milagro and said, "Are ya'll here?" He said, "No, not yet. Rowland locked his keys in his car. But we are on our way in the van." They arrived, we borrowed a "slim jim" (is that what it's called or am I making that up?) from the car dealership (coincidence? serendipitous?) and drove back to the truck with a roadie named Glenn in tow. Glenn assured us he knew how to use the implement so we took him with us. The following is a photo illustration of the attempt to get Rowland's truck open.

This is Rowland ON THE WAY TO his truck. Notice the optimistic smile. He's thinking, "This should take about five minutes." He's holding onto the slim jim behind his neck....he is NOT dancing. Although it kinda looks like it doesn't it?

I couldn't help myself. I HAD to take a photo of the keys. There they were right next to the requisite Red Bull sitting on the center console.This photo was taken by a 10th grader named Alex. His father was nice enough to stop in and help us. They worked so hard and all they wanted was a bumper sticker! (Oh and yes, I am always looking for a reason to wear a hat. This hat is named "La Tejana.") I was of absolutely no assistance. As a result, I took about 100 photos of the great caper.
This is Glenn, the roadie, helping Rowland try to break into his own truck, to no avail.

No longer the optimist, the frustration is setting in. He is thinking, "This is taking waaaaaaaay longer than five minutes AND I am missing the concert I worked so hard to make possible. I am considering punching my car window. It will solve the problem and it might make me feel better! I bet Patty knows how to solve this problem. She is so organized and usually has a good solution to most tight situations. She's such an asset to this campaign. She is the best volunteer I have ever had on my team. An excellent team player!" (This is all conjecture on my part. But I am having fun creating the words in Rowland's head.)

Glenn, Milagro and Rowland attempting to open various windows, to no avail.

Glenn, the roadie left us. He hitched a ride, with some older gentleman, back the venue because he was necessary to the lighting scheme. After he left us, several other individuals joined us. Several of them mentioned they had previous experience breaking into cars, but assured us they had changed their ways because now they had families. (However, I wonder how successful they were as car thieves because they were unable to get the locks open! I suppose breaking the window was an option they were considering but Rowland wasn't havin' it.)

Milagro, Rowland and some southside resident attempting to get into the truck, to no avail.

Milagro and I left. Yes, we left Rowland, alone on the southside with various members of the community. He assured us they would successfully open the doors and he would meet us in a few minutes. We briefly considered staying and then said, "Nope. Let's go check out the rally!"
We arrived minutes before Eddie Gonzalez went on. We had missed the previous three entertainers that opened for him. We spent over an hour on the truck. It must be said, I had the solution all along. Triple A! But, boys will be boys and they simply have to solve the problem on their own. Let me remind you .....Triple A would have been a safe, quick and FREE option. All that is required was my physical presence at the vehicle. Let us all learn a lesson from this. And whey I say "us" I mean YOU and YOU know who you are!

Ben,Milagro and I listened to Eddie Gonzalez and wondered, "Is Rowland safe? Should we go back and check on him? Nah, let's just stay here and enjoy the show."
Rowland arrived for the last song. Apparently a call was made to "Pop a Lock." I am not even going to say a thing! Tee-hee.
Eddie Gonzalez (who I had never heard of before this evening) was kind enough to take a photo with me after the concert. Is he terribly famous? I don't know. I could be sitting on a gold mine of a photo here!
The rally was a success! Rowland put together a very nice event. It's a shame he was unable to attend.
Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo. And again, my friend Todd finds ANY excuse and exploits EVERY holiday to dress up his flamingos. I celebrate Todd again today! Thank you for sending me these photos. They make me smile! (And make my flamingos jealous.)
Todd's flamingos were apparently celebrating with Mexican hats, Mexican flags, Tequila, lime and salt. I am certain his neighbors must love his sense of humor. Right now I am lovin' my new candle. I have purchased Voluspa candles before. They burn well and smell great! But I am lovin' this new scent in particular. It is called French Cade and Lavender. Can anyone tell me what French Cade is? I have purchased them at Anthropologie in the past but I purchased this one at HEB Central Market.
Rory and Logan are talking at her internship location. He is trying to ask her out. She's too busy to remember she is supposed to attend a function with him on Friday.
Logan: So what do you think about Friday?
Rory: An excellent alternative to Thursday!
Logan: My sister's engagement party?
Rory: Oh right, I am going to try! I am dying to see the yacht.

Have a great day and once again, VOTE! Early voting ended yesterday. If you have not voted, please vote on Saturday, May 9th.

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  1. hi patty! your photos are great!!!!! especially the ones of your friend Jace'! i also love your selection of music, you have great taste!
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