Monday, May 18, 2009

My Heart Feels Full Today

Happy Monday, friends! I have sooooooooooooooooooooooo many daily celebrations to report today. However I also have a ton of photos to post of various events I have had the privilege of attending and participating in. So let's get to it........

Two Thursdays ago (does that need an apostrophe? T. Camp...let me know, please) Jace', Christine, Danica and I made our monthly trip to The Children's Bereavement Center to provide the families with dinner. We provided our standard meal of pizza, salad and every dessert Jace' could find in the greater San Antonio area.
Last week I officially became a "Friend of the Bereavement Center" and was invited to be on their board! I am so excited! My first "board." I have been wanting to move forward in my commitment to charity work for a while. I can't think of a worthier cause. Below are some photos of us in the kitchen visiting with one another while the staff and families enjoyed our dinner. We also officially asked to provide meals the first Thursday of every month. The staff was so appreciative they gave us all gifts! Now we have matching blue bags that we can take with us on our next weekend getaway.

It MUST be mentioned Jace' is excitedly holding her BRAND NEW iPhone! She had just purchased it minutes before. Note the extra huge smile on her face.
The following Thursday I was invited to Mi Tierra to celebrate Julian Castro's victory with the campaign staff and fellow volunteers. It was a wonderful evening! It was nice to see everyone dressed up, in regular, non-tee-shirt-regulation clothing! Thank you to the campaign staff for including me in this celebration. And thank you for the collage! I can not wait to receive it....signed by our new mayor. I really appreciate you all thinking of asking me to join in this special celebration and for including me and "la tejana" on the collage. I don't know if you guys know how much your invitation means to me. And I had a blast sitting next to Christian and Sherry. The following photo isn't terribly great.....BUT it does include Christian and Julian. However I am including it for the "hazy element." That was immediately after the sizzling fajita plates were placed on the table. I took the photo and wondered, "What's on my lens?" Then it occurred to me! It was the smoke.
A photo of Rowland, political director extraordinaire, and I......
Christian Archer, campaign manager extraordinaire, and I......
Milagro, "field something" extraordinaire, and I. Sorry, doll.......I know a word goes behind "field" and maybe even before it...but it escapes me right now. Whatever it did it well!
Ben, "field something" extraordinaire. Again....I don't remember what immediately precedes or comes after the word "field" but you were also wonderful! So pleasant and so easy to get along with! This is a silly photo. Apparently someone told Ben he looked like Giselle Bundchen. YOU DON'T! But we thought we might take a Giselle-like photo. Blue Steele and Magnum. Zoolander.....
Two nights ago I attended the wedding of Vanessa Peche and Robert Gleason. I met Vanessa YEARS ago. I met her in 1997...the day after my graduation from college. Our families had become friends so my family, her family (Bill, Nancy, Billy and Vanessa) and Carl's family (Carl, Gina and Damon) all rented a HUGE villa in Puerto Vallarta for a week. Vanessa was my room mate and had to listen to me complain and complain and complain about the iguanas that were lazing about our porch! (For those of you who don't know I am deathly afraid of any and all lizards....this trip was torture for me!) A few years ago we were able to celebrate her brother's wedding in Paris. Last weekend we were also privileged to be invited to Vanessa's wedding. She is a lovely woman from a wonderful family and I couldn't be happier for them! Here is a photo of Dad and I. My date was unable to join me because he was not feeling well. Again...the trend continues....Patty gets stood up or bailed on! Karma must be really upset with me. And to top it off...Karma got me good because there was another woman there in the EXACT SAME DRESS! Oh yes, every woman's nightmare!
This picture warms my heart! This is dad and Carl. Carl is one of my father's oldest and dearest friends. Carl has seen me grow up! There is not a time in my life where I don't remember Carl being a part of our family. He has always made me feel so important and so special. He is so, so, so very dear to us all!
Mom and I in the courtyard of Club Giraud. You can't tell but the river is running right behind us. It was a perfect evening to sit outside and enjoy downtown San Antonio.
All dressed up and nowhere to go....Mom and Dad dropped me off at Soho. I had some more of those fantastic dirty martinis....yum....while my friend Lutfy entertained his patrons and studied new drink recipes. I texted and texted and texted!
As I mentioned earlier I have many things to celebrate today. First I got word that a very close friend (and life guide, mentor, confidant, mother figure, colleague) has been officially cancer free for a year! I love you and I am so happy to hear your good news. I am so proud of your strength and your resolve. You handled this situation in such an inspiring way. I am most grateful for your good news. I would also like to celebrate the touching telephone conversation I had today with Najla. Thank you, friend. I wish I could have been there for you when you needed to have this conversation with me....but one of us had to grow up first, right? I am glad that you are my guide. And I KNOW that baby is coming sooner than you get ready! I would also like to celebrate a separate telephone conversation I had today. It was not an easy one, but one that was a long time coming. We both handled ourselves with the grace and dignity that always defined our relationship and friendship. My heart goes out to you in your time of need. I will always be here for you. Never doubt that! Finally, I would like to celebrate a personal goal that I met today! I met my Weight Watchers goal today! I am officially on "maintenance" for 6 weeks. I also received my very cool "met your goal" charm to hang on my 10% goal key chain I received in late February. I am hoping I can meet my "maintenance" goal and become a lifetime member. That's the tough part....because it costs ya money if you go two pounds over or under your goal! Money is a great motivator isn't it? Thanks to all of you who have supported this undertaking. I started this journey on December 8, 2008. There were days I wanted to give up. But reading inspirational stories, receiving motivating words from fellow active and lifetime members and having the support of my family and friends has helped me immensely! In return...for those of you on program now....I am happy to help. I have lots and lots and lots of tricks up my sleeves.
What I am lovin' right now is the good fortune of my friends. I am so proud of those of you who have been recognized for your hard work and talent. Each of you knows who you are! Know that it does my heart good to know that the universe is taking care of you. I am proud to know all of you. And there are a lot of you who I day...I will be smilin', bright eyed, saying, "I knew them when....."
Luke: Where are we going?
Lorelai: To funky town.


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