Monday, May 25, 2009

THIS Is Why I Should NOT Play Softball!!!!! (Some of you were wonderin')

Happy Memorial Day! I am still in Austin. I am dreading leaving because I have had so much fun and will miss Ella Bella! As always, Ryan and Ciara have graciously opened their home to me and I have had a wonderful visit. Thank you guys! I know I talk about them a lot...and have never posted a photo. I grabbed this photo from Ciara's photo library. This was last week at Ella's school performance. It was her last day at this school. Next week she starts a new school or "camp" as she is preferring to call it. is the Goddard School! They just opened in Austin.

I have so much to post but I will do all that throughout the week. However, Ciara captured some fun moments with Ella and I and I want to post them before I leave...mostly because between the two of us we aren't savvy enough to send these mini-films to me through e-mail. So here we go....let's see if this works......fingers crossed....


Scroll down to the bottom and press PAUSE on the music option so that you can hear. (Mom and Dad....that means click the button with the two vertical lines!)

(Marisa....It always amazes me how much I feel we sound alike and have very similar mannerisms. Since I was born first I am going to go ahead and take all the credit. know what they say...imitation is the highest (or sincerest) form of flattery!)

I think I can upload a few of Ciara's photos from yesterday's backyard outing. She also has a Mac (hint-hint) and I am not too sure of how to move things around. And they all made their weekly grocery store trip so I am on my own here!

Ella and I in her new playhouse. It has a doorbell and a walkway and a pretty pinwheel in her front yard. She also has a telephone which she is holding in her hand.

As it started to rain on us Ella decided to water her plants.....

Oh! It MUST be said....this is INFINITELY easier to do on a Mac than a PC! Or my PC! Double, Triple, Quadruple HINT-HINT! Okay...I am headin' out! The sun is shinin' and I can listen to my favorite radio station of ALL TIME from here to about Loop 1604! 107.1 KGSR.....

Hope you are all will be back to usual format tomorrow. Geeta...I will see you very, very, very soon. Maybe tonight or tomorrow night? So glad you are "home" for a few months!

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  1. teehee! she "dodgeballed" you ... too funny...not all of us are athletes...some of us must be athletic supporters...teehee