Wednesday, May 27, 2009

To "Sexy Wisdom" and the Ladies Who Flaunt It....

I have received several comments regarding Ciara's short film titled "How a 2 and 1/2 year Old Schooled Patty in the Backyard." One person called it "horrid." Another individual could not stop laughing at me. The rest of you are probably just too embarrassed (on my behalf) to comment. Let me reiterate....THIS is why I never played sports! I am a relatively athletic individual with good eye hand coordination. I enjoy swimming, golfing, working out etc. The bottom line is...and this sounds terribly crude...I do not like balls being thrown at me. (Christine, Danica and Jace' go ahead....I know you are thinking it....say it out loud. All together, "That's what she said.") So yes, I got schooled by a 2 and 1/2 year old. (And I couldn't have picked a cuter one...if I might add!)

I am a bit behind on my posts. I have a lot to include but I am trying to do it in shorter segments as a lengthy post can take me over an hour and a half! Blogspot is fantastic is some ways...but it makes a visually obsessive compulsive person (like myself) absolutely crazy with spacing and layout. So yes...a long post can take me quite some time. Again...a MAC might cut down on that by let's say, about 34 and 1/2%....I'm just sayin'!

So let's begin with last Friday evening.......

Shannon (campaign friend and beautiful goddess on far right) and I had made plans for mani-pedi Friday! When Jessica (campaign friend and glorious diva in the center) invited Shannon to a book reading. As it happens when Shannon emailed Jessica to say that we had mani-pedi plans but she would try to convince me to go to the book reading.....I happened to be walking into (what was once) campaign headquarters ( just a very sad, empty shell of a building...sad, sigh). (That was a horrible sentence...but you, no doubt, are following the logic.) Anyhow Jessica explained what was "goin' down" and asked if I would like to attend the reading with Shannon. "Absolutely," I exclaimed! Not only was it a chance to get to know these two ladies a little better, but it was a great opportunity to attend a book reading.

Barbara Renaud Gonzalez is a local author. Her novel, Golondrina, why did you leave me? was published last month by the UT Press. In fact, it is the first Chicana novel to have been published by UT Press. (That both excites me and saddens me at the same time! Why just now? Why so long? Who is making these decisions? Where can I sign up? Can I be next? Compelling questions....) Barbara read pieces of the novel dedicated to "la danza" (dance) and asked several women to dance along as she read. Five women were asked to dance....and Jessica was one of them! She played "la princessa" who danced a very lovely version of a sensual French dance! Jessica sparkled radiance as she took to the floor to channel one of the characters in the novel. Now...I have to add this book is about a young woman coming into her own and learning about woman-hood through her wild and crazy aunts! (Her mother's sisters!) Is this resonating with any of you out there....Tia Alfie, Tia Irene and Tia Velma? Mom? As Barbara read I choked back tears (we all know how I am moved by performance) mostly because it reminded me so much of my mother's family. I became very nostalgic and could hear every piece of advice, every bit of wisdom and every ounce of lunacy that has ever come forth from my intensely passionate mother and aunts! Thank God for women like Barbara who are gifted enough to pass along such sentiment through the wave of her pen. And it must be said....Barbara exudes and exemplifies what I call "sexy wisdom!" I don't know her and was only briefly introduced to her...but I can tell she is like a very fine wine and has watched her flame burn brighter with each new day she has welcomed. I love knowing women like that. They teach me how to grow into myself with pride and strength. Keep writin' it...for those of us who follow benefit from your life's journey. I can not wait to delve into this novel! (Actually....I can't wait for pay day so I can purchase the novel!) I believe you can purchase it on her blog and I have linked to it. Just click on her name! Below is a photo of Barbara reading from her novel. (I really need to invest in a better camera that can take photos from far away. And I just need to learn how to set the flash for dark areas.)

Below are some photos of Jessica as "la princessa." The book reading was held at Salute! Bar International located at 2801 N. St. Mary's. The reading was held in an attempt to bring some business to the ailing establishment. It has been a fixture in the community and the owner, Azeneth (gorgeous name) is struggling to keep it open. So if you have an opportunity...check it out. There is something so magical about throwing back a filthy martini underneath a painting of "The Virgen!" I really liked the vibe of the bar and will certainly visit it again!

Overall it was a lovely evening and I am so glad I was able to spend more time with Shannon and Jessica. As I have continued to contend....God, the universe, whatever, brought me to this campaign for a reason. I intend to foster the relationships I made with the individuals I met. I feel very lucky to have met so many talented, sharp, civic-minded people!

Today I celebrate a long, good, cleansing cry! Oh yes....I am goin' the way of the woman and writing about this. ( can go ahead and scroll down to "Office Wisdom." Or you can read....if you dare.) I know, I know this blog is about daily celebrations. Well.....emotions are a part of life. I celebrate life and I celebrate the ups and downs....the downs are where I learn best! Yesterday was a two ways about it. About 9:30 I said, "To heck with this....I have been fighting this back for days." And I gave myself permission to cry. I heaved, I sobbed, the fat, hot tears rolled off my face and plunked onto my arms and hands. I had shadows of mascara down to my knees. I drew a hot bath....continued to cry (my favorite place to cry by the way....something about the double cleanse) and then it was done. I was done. And I was exhausted! I drifted into a beautiful sleep and today is a new day. And my eyes are puffy as a taco (tee-hee) but I feel infinitely better and far more at peace about the myriad issues that felt mildly (and albeit temporarily) suffocating! A special thank you to my friend who "texted me through" the crisis! Man alive (to borrow a term from Jace's vernacular) the universe is testin' us right now. Let's show 'em what we're made of. Focus.....hustle.....oh wait...this isn't a baseball game, is it? I am certain the same philosophies apply....but I wouldn't know because I can not catch a ball!
What I am lovin' right now is the prospect of the sangria I am going to be drinking tomorrow night at Carmen's de la Calle Cafe. My favorite jazz man, Logan Keese, will be playing there tomorrow night at 8:30 pm. I HIGHLY recommend Carmen's, tapas, sangria and Logan! Several friends and I will be down there. Please join....

In honor of that...."What I Am Lovin' Right Now" is this great sangria recipe. I made this last Fiesta (2008) for my Powhatan Pachanga. (If Alamo Heights can have an entire night devoted to street certainly deserves an hour or two!)

White Sangria

8 strawberries

1 Orange

2 kiwi

3 peaches

3/4 cup Cointreau (or similar liquor)

1/2 cup simple syrup (boil 1 cup water with 1/2 sugar until reduced by half)

1 bottle LIGHT white wine....I used pinot grigio

Cut fruit into chunks and place in a pitcher or glass container. (I like to slice some of the fruit and float it at the top for decoration.) Pour Cointreau over fruit. Add simple syrup and let sit for 20 minutes. Add bottle of wine. I let the sangria chill over night. Serves 8-10.

Very refreshing for the time of year we are about to enter!

Micheal and Holly are considering something they should NOT have done.

Holly: Hindsight!

Micheal: We should have had hindsight.

Goodnight post will include a ton of photos from the rainy day out on Lake Austin. What is it with me and boats? Always a troubling combination. But I love 'em!

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