Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

While I have many photos and stories to share with you regarding yesterday's election those are simply going to have to wait! Today's blog is 100% devoted to my mother and all the mothers I know and love.
This is my beautiful mother. I grabbed this photo of her the other day. It struck me as I went back and reviewed them. She is making the exact same expression as an old black and white I have of her when she was in college. She has the same far away look in her eyes that leaves me wondering what she might be thinking about. I know that look, I know it well. Mom's life has been tough at times and I think behind that mysterious expression is a world my father and I can hardly claim to know.

My mother (oh, this is hard....I am starting to cry....thank goodness I am writing and not speaking because I would not be able to get this out) is beautiful. She is beautiful in every sense of the word. When my mother walks in a room it goes silent. Her beauty and her presence turns heads. People are taken aback by her. And that is all before she has even said a word!

But beyond the outer beauty, my mother is the most beautiful because of the woman, wife and mother that she is. My mother is the glue that holds us together. She is the backbone of this family. My father and I are nothing without her. My mother learned some very difficult life lessons early on; lessons my father and I will never know or understand. I often marvel at how my mom drew from the positive aspects of her experiences and infused our family with her hard learned joy.

In my mother's eyes everyone is equal. I have NEVER witnessed my mother treating anybody any differently than she would like to be treated herself. Her kindness and compassion is inspiring....and hopefully contagious. Mom believes the best in people, even when they let her down. And my mother forgives....she truly forgives. I know some of the most difficult people to forgive have been people I have brought into her life. And it kills me that I have done that to her. When I hurt, she hurts deeply. I can't even imagine the pain a mother feels when their child hurts. But she has always been able to pray for those who have hurt me and I find that kind of grace hard to understand...but I try to follow her example.

On this day, I celebrate you, Mom. I adore you and I am so proud to be your daughter. As I have said before.....God gave me to the two most amazing people on the planet. There is not enough I can do to repay the universe for sending me to you. All I can do is take the very best parts of you and try to live them everyday. You are such a magical role model for me, Mom. Thank you for my life. Thank you for your love. Thank you for keeping this family together when I am sure there were times it felt like we were coming apart at the seams. Thank you for showing me that life and people aren't perfect, but you are measured by how gracefully you choose to handle yourself in the midst of turmoil.

You are the very definition of the word "grace." I love you mom. Happy Mother's Day!

I have decided to open up my blog to guests. I thought it only fitting that I invite this special first guest on Mother's Day and that I ask my father to share his thoughts about my mother on this special day. Thank you, Dad........

For almost 37 years now you have been the center of my life along with the daughter that you blessed us with that wonderful August day. You have been my quiet strength and guidance. Always there to support me, guide me and counsel me through the good times and the trying times. Through it all I have admired your grace-filled fortitude, strength and determination to be the very best you could be as a child of God, wife, soul mate, daughter, sister, friend, educator and above all, Mother.

As a wonderful Mother you have given Patty the unending love, guidance, compassion, unyielding support, understanding and motivation that have made her the beautiful free spirit that she is today. (Not to mention the true gift of shopping as well!) Always there no matter what, always anticipating no matter the situation to ensure that Patty experienced the very essence of life and what it had to offer her and how best to experience life to its fullest.

Thank you for being who you are and for being the very best and loving Mother and Wife a daughter and a husband could ever be blessed with.

Happy Mother’s Day

Love and Kisses

Finally, I would like to celebrate all mothers! May you all spend a wonderful day with your families. And remember, mommies come in all forms! Mommies to kitties, mommies to puppies, mommies to humans.....all are celebrated on this blog on this day! I would like to celebrate each of my friends that are mothers. It has been a beautiful thing to see you all transform into your new role. You have all done it so beautifully and I often sit back and watch you all with awe. I hope, one day, to know your joy! Ciara, Cara, Holly, Dinah, Valerie, Rupa, Julie...Happy Mother's Day. And to Najla.....the transformation has already taken place! A special mother's day to you as you anxiously await the arrival of baby Gianna and continue to extend your love, compassion and understanding to Blake.

Good afternoon, friends! Enjoy.........

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