Friday, May 8, 2009

Window Shopping with Ros Russell and Ava Gardner

Tomorrow is Election Day! I will be busy assisting at headquarters with whatever task needs to be attended to. Probably making sure keys don't get locked in cars, cell phones don't go missing, computers don't grow feet and walk away, chargers don't get lost, lists get completed, names get remembered, etc. (That was funny!) I will have numerous photos to post on Monday. I am hopeful for a victory. This has been such an amazing experience for me. I wish I would have known how much fun campaigning could be. I would have gotten involved much sooner.
I have several daily celebrations today. First of all I would like to celebrate my dear friend Ciara on her birthday. Ciara and I have been friends since my sophomore year of college. She was a year behind me. I met her standing around a keg at the Kappa Alpha house! (Not hard to imagine since I was always there and there were always kegs!) We became friends and by January she had become my “diamond” or little sister in Alpha Delta Pi. We formed a very close friendship over the next three years and we have been close ever since. Ciara lives in Austin with her husband Ryan and her precious daughter Ella James. Ryan and Ciara have always been so gracious in allowing me to spend A LOT of time in their home. They hosted me EVERY SINGLE time I was in Austin attending Pilates weekend classes and logging over 500 practical hours to complete my comprehensive Pilates program! They have also always provided me a soft place to land during difficult times. Their house is truly a place of respite and comfort for me. (I sleep BETTER in their home than I sleep anywhere else!) I will forever appreciate their kindness and support (and great bedding) and I can not wait for my next visit! Happy Birthday Ciara. Your friendship means so much to me. You are the person I turn to when I need to hear “what I need to hear!” You have always been a source of strength for me. You have shown me unconditional love and acceptance. I am so blessed to have you in my life and to be a part of your life! I love you, friend.

I would also like to celebrate my shopping day with Mom and Grandma Olga. We began our day of leisure with lunch at Neiman Marcus. That is always such a lovely treat. Grandma enjoyed a pepper steak sandwich with a Pepsi! We then took her shopping for pants and tops at New York and Company. She also found three pair of comfortable shoes at Easy Spirit. In fact, she walked out of the store wearing her new scoots! After all that shopping she was ready to sit in the shade and have some banana nut ice cream. Needless to say she was ready for a nap by day’s end. We spent over 6 hours at La Cantera Mall. I was exhausted and I am 50 years her junior!

Grandma really fought us on the purchase of shoes. She said there was no need to purchase shoes for an 84 year old woman. She insisted we should, instead, purchase shoes for ourselves! Interesting how she found not one, not two, BUT THREE pair of shoes.
My grandmother is absolutely adorable. I love her so much. My earliest memories of my grandmother consist of her singing “Skip to my Lou” for hours while my cousins and I literally skipped around in a circle. She would care for me everyday after kindergarten. She would have lunch prepared for me and she and I would watch Search for Tomorrow together while my little cousin Marisa (who was a baby) would take a nap in her crib. My grandmother has this amazing gift. I am not quite sure how to explain it other than to compare it to the parable of Loaves and Fishes. My grandmother can take a small amount of food and when she is done preparing it you would swear she could feed an army. She loves to start her mornings praying in the backyard, singing to Jesus and feeding the birds. She once told me God has never denied her a request so if there was anything I really needed all I had to do was ask her. My grandmother loves to make people happy and meet all their needs…as she perceives them. For instance, if she thinks my cousin Marisa is in need of a new sauce pan she will take the sauce pan from my house that she figures I no longer need and give it to Marisa. Very often we have to call each other if something has gone missing. After a few phone calls the item usually turns up. My grandmother can also be very, very, very sassy! I think this is my favorite quality of hers. She has a wonderful sense of humor but do NOT upset her and do NOT slight anyone of her family members. She has never been known for keeping her opinions to herself. It’s rather entertaining to see her get worked up. She’s such a tiny little lady but she sure can pack a big punch. As far as grandmothers go….I think I’ve got one of the best ones out there! I am so thankful I have had the opportunity to get to know her as an adult. And I am also thankful she has had the opportunity to see me grow into a woman. I love you grandma and Happy Mother’s Day. (One of you please show this to her! Thanks....)
I am lovin' Bridget's Sexiest Beaches on the Travel Channel! I have been lovin' Bridget since the first episode of The Girl's Next Door. Bridget has now joined the Travel Channel line up and is globe trotting in search of the world's sexiest and most beautiful beaches. The hour long show, hosted by Bridget Marquardt, highlights various beaches and local customs, attractions, cuisines, etc. Ever the happy bubble girl, Bridget brings her unique brand of cheeriness, joy and friendly, laid-back nature to the show. (Image from .)

You can't help but smile while watching this show. Not only does Bridget transport you to some of the world's most famous beaches she does so with a sort of tongue in cheek sense of humor. She is able to laugh at herself and can often be seen falling down on rocks and slipping in slimy ponds. She is also up for adventure. Clearly she is an adrenaline junkie and it is fun to watch her attempt the things I would never consider taking part in like diving with sharks, para-sailing (well...I might consider that), flying through the air in various contraptions, etc.

My favorite episode is Croatia. I had NO idea! I geographical skills are poor, at best. I don't think I even knew Croatia had a coastline. (Embarrassing admission!) Not only was the water beautiful, the cities, villages and islands she visited are full of history and extraordinary character. I can not wait to make this trip! (I am hoping it might be my honeymoon destination! The romance factor seemed incredibly high! And if I never get married I will take myself there! Anyone want to come along?)
I am lovin' this dress Bridget wore on the episode. I can't seem to access the website...sad for me! (Images from

Above is a photo of Bridget and Sarah Underwood on a boat ride along the Croatian coast. (Image from .)

If you have not caught any of the first run episodes I am certain the Travel Channel is airing previously broadcast episodes. Take an hour out of your day, lay down, and imagine yourself with an exotic drink in hand, smelling the ocean, listening to the crashing waves and feeling the sun dancing on your skin! Yummy magic!

Lorelai and Rory are sitting in Lorelai's Jeep avoiding a very important and difficult conversation.

Lorelai: We're having a bike race. A bike race through town. First one ever. Taylor is really excited. Maybe Sheryl Crow will come.

(Image from

Goodnight, friends. One last reminder...if you haven't voted...tomorrow is your day!

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