Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Post Election Day Blues

I know I promised an entry yesterday. Quite frankly....I was still too tired (and slightly still hungover from Saturday night! Oh yes....now it takes two days to completely recover as opposed to the four hours and a hamburger and Mobil coke in my early 20's.) However, I am happy to report............
Julian Castro won the Mayoral race with 56% of the vote! Below Julian is addressing a crowd of over 250 people at his victory party. He is standing with his lovely wife, Erica and his twin brother, State Representative for District 125, Joaquin Castro. What a lovely moment for this family. This a long sought after dream realized for the Castros. I felt privileged to volunteer on this campaign and even more privileged to be present at the victory party. (In the background you can see former Mayor Henry Cisneros and Senator Leticia Van de Putte.)

Immediately prior to Julian taking the stage his mother, Rosie Castro, addressed the crowd. She mentioned that it was of particular significance that this victory should arrive on the eve of Mother's Day; not only because she was so proud of BOTH her sons, but because it warms a mother's heart to feel her children are truly supported by those that love them and believe in them. She has long been a pillar of this community and a critical piece of San Antonio's political fabric. I can only imagine the pride she must feel to see her son lead this city, the city she has been organizing for so many years, the city she tirelessly worked to improve for her children.
Mom and Dad arrived early with cookies and wine in hand! Both were a hit and the cookies were gone in seconds. (Thank you to Paula at Bear Moon Bakery on Main Street in Boerne! Your pastries and cakes are ALWAYS a hit! And we really, really, really like you, too!)

At roughly 7:10 Christian Archer, campaign manager, jumped out of his office and let out a scream. The room went silent as he yelled out "56% of early voting!" The room erupted! This was a very, very, very good sign for Julian! The staff all wore faces of excitement blended with relief coupled with an early feeling of heady success. (I am pretty sure I saw several eyes tear up.) Of course, it would still be a few hours before 100% of the polls would report the results.) As you can imagine the room was stuffy....so we packed up our wine and food and headed outside.

Milagro joined mom, dad and me outside. Mom instantly took a liking to him. I knew she would! He also agreed to give me a ride home so that I could enjoy myself properly.....with beer!
This gentleman kept bummin' wine off mom! As it turns out he was my father's English teacher at Central Catholic High School. It took them a while to figure out....guess they don't look the same anymore?
After three beers this bike was of incredible interest to me. It's owner was a gentleman from Brooklyn. We chatted and I remember thinking, "What are we talking about? I am completely lost in this conversation. Somebody save me." I am still not sure who he is, where he rode this bike but I can tell you it is a 1948 model.

Matt and Milagro.........................
What is a celebration without cake? These cakes were beautiful and when they were delivered the entire room smelled of sweetness. Unfortunately, it was all gone before I was able to grab a bite but I understand they were delicious!

At the end of the evening I stole a photo of Rosie and Carina Victoria (Julian and Erica's daughter). I was also able to congratulate her. She was beaming with pride.
After the victory party a few of us headed downtown. A gentleman named Mr. Covey (I believe) was kind enough to share his champagne. Rowland and I toasting to victory. (And to his very, very, very hard work!)
Ben, William (I think) and I at Zinc. I was very excited to have something else in my hair! (You all know how much I love to decorate my head!) Christian stole this gerber daisy and I grabbed it from him and threw it in my hair. Again....any excuse to accessorize!

The evening wound down VERY early the next morning. I was exhausted! I slept most of Sunday.

Overall, this campaign was an amazing experience. I guess it helps immensely that the Castro campaign emerged victorious. However, I have to admit, (a bit embarrassingly) that I feel a little sad. First of all, what will I do with all my evenings? Second, I won't have the opportunity to see the people that had become a part of my life over the last two months. (I will miss some of them greatly. But that's life a lot of the time isn't it? People come into your life...for whatever reason...often for a short period of time. And luckily, you are never the same again because they have influenced you so positively!) Finally, my new friend Milagro will be leaving and that makes me feel sad! BUT.....I am certain we will keep in touch....right, friend? I asked him today if there is such a thing as "post election blues" or is it just bad because my first campaign has ended. He said both but assured me "your first" is always the one you remember most! No longer am I a campaign virgin! I look forward to aligning myself with another volunteer opportunity and both Castro's can count on me anytime. They have BOTH done so much to help the school I am assigned to. It is the least I can do to repay them.
To be honest my heart has been very heavy the last few days for various reasons. I have been throwing a MAJOR "pity party, party of one" over the last two days. It's been a grand celebration.....trust me....I would make all of you proud. I was not looking forward to another day in the dumps. And, as if the universe was reading my mind, Christine called to remind me today was the Special Olympics bowling tournament! I told her I needed to run up to an elementary school to finish assessing a student but that I would meet our students at the bowling alley shortly thereafter! Federal law prevents me from posting any photos. But I really wish I could. The students in our Adapted Learning Environment (for severely and profoundly disabled students) were so happy to be bowling! They were competing against other students from other schools in the district. It was the happiest, liveliest, most honest experience I have had in ages. I needed it! Special Olympics Bowling is my daily celebration today. The students in that particular classroom allow me a daily celebration every time I walk in there....which is almost every day! I often walk in feeling down. I always walk out feeling ecstatic! Thanks to Julie, Michelle and Elizabeth for always welcoming me and including me in your class activities. It does my heart good!

Lorelai has just proposed marriage to Luke.

Lorelai: I mean, we're getting married, Luke. Married. You and me. Luke "table for one" Danes and Lorelai "I'm sorry, can I get an industrial forklift for my emotional baggage" Gilmore are getting married.

Goodnight friends.....Hope to blog tomorrow evening. I have a lot of other things waiting in the wings....good, fun, photos and new features to add to the blog.

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